Hi, I'm Ben -

I’m a seasoned tech professional, entrepreneur, CTO, and programmer in Portland, Oregon. I’ve managed teams of engineers, run a company, and as Chief Technology Officer, navigated and implemented complex proposals with Fortune 100 clients.

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What is a 'fixer'?

"In Britain, a fixer is a commercial consultant for business improvement, whereas in an American context a fixer is often an associate of a powerful person who carries out difficult, undercover, or stealth actions, or extricates a client out of personal or legal trouble."

I’m interested in connecting with non-profits as a 'fractional CTO', technology strategist, and fixer.

I’m kind, good humored, extremely respectful and professional, and can explain complex topics clearly.


I can also aid with hiring of contract or full-time technology professionals, or bring other tech resources to your organization.

Client: Street Books

Street Books is a bicycle-powered mobile library, serving people who live outside.

As Street Books' technologist, among other things, I set up the website, connected payment systems, integrated (and help administrate) Keela non-profit CRM software, track analytics, installed in-office wifi, and help build graphics and the year-end reports, as well as anything else that comes up.

In other words: If you have a tech issue, I’m your fixer.

See my bio or have a look at a few other projects.

Pricing: I do sliding scale and in-kind donation pricing. Let's chat.

Find me at:
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/benparzybok
Email: ben@ideacog.net
Threads: @sparkwatson
X/Twitter: @sparkwatson

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